In this single, the musical production was made by the mexican Tamarindo Sounds who composed and recorded the instrumental together with Abbaba Soul band also from Mexico in the years of 2012 and 2013.

In the year of 2018, Fred Gomes was in a tour in Mexico, where he met Tamarindo Sounds.
During this time that they have been together in Xalapa, they have recorded this version inspired by the strong and good vibration of the beautiful forest called Bosque de Niebla.

Fred Gomes, even living in distance, kept in contact with the situation in his country and composed this lyrics with strong political content about the rise of the extreme rights that is going on in Brazil and also in the world.


  • Title: Não
  • Artists: Tamarindo Sounds and Fred Gomes
  • Recordnig and Musical Production: Tamarindo Sounds
  • Mix, Dub and Master: Félix
  • Featured musicians:
    Ranking Pow – Drums
    Galleta – Bass
    Misty – Lead Guitar
    Peter Bong – Keys
    Cinthya Trombon – Trombone
    Tamarindo – Trumpet
    Rorro – Sax Tenor, Sax baritone
  • Label: InBraDub Music
  • Catalog: INBRADUB-006D
  • Format: Digital
  • Release date: 05/09/2019
  • Genre: Reggae