Since 2000, Fred Gomes has been acting as musician,  cultural and musical producer in São Paulo State – Brazil.
Born in São Carlos, he was one of the founders of the city’s first reggae band and also of  Ganja Groove, pioneer of Sound System Culture in his region a collective that struggled to keep reggae alive in its region during 10 years (2005 – 2015).

Reggae is the natural territory for the musician. He is also founder of the first brazilian power trio of psychedelic dub/rock Guava Jelly and the current projects Fábrica de Riddim – a project that produces instrumental reggaes on demand –  and InBraDub Music – a label that will release reggae/dub artists from Brazil to the world.

In this almost 2 decades working with reggae he did a lot. He produced a reggae broadcasting in a local FM radio (the first in São Carlos), played with lots of musical groups and was totally involved in cultural production, always contributing with a great importance to the reggae culture development in his region.

From productions like “Carnareggae” in 2009 – one of the first Sound System carnivals in Brazil with crews and singers from all over the country – to partnerships with the local government producing Sound System events in the ghetto bringing reggae to the people.

Nowadays the artist works as musical producer in his label and also has been collaborating as guitarist in some productions, recording backing vocals in others and producing national and international dubplates as well.

In 2019, the artist has released his first 7” vinyl. The song named “O Fim Da Dor” was produced in collaboration with the italian band “I Neurologici”, mixed by ChinDub and mastered by Buguinha Dub (an important icon to the brazilian reggae production). In March of the same year, the artist released “Saber Esperar”, an album that features more than 20 musicians from Brazil, USA and Italy.
Both works were released by InBraDub, label wich Gomes also works in collaboration.
Still in 2019, Fred Gomes has released the single “Não” produced in collaboration with the mexicans Tamarindo Sounds and Abbaba Soul.

Back to 2018, Fred released “No Controle” an album produced entirely by himself, and before this, he released in 2014 an album called “Enquanto os Pássaros Cantarem”.